Me and books

I’m happiest when I’m right in the middle of a great conversation about a book, learning and laughing. Either that or in dialogue on my own with a ripping good book, or, failing that, scouring un-scoured bookshop bookshelves finding interesting, beautiful, valuable books.

I’m an interviewer and writer, bibliophile and literary tourist. As host of The Biblio File podcast, I’ve had the privilege of talking literary tourism with Margaret Atwood; Poetry with Alice Notley; Publishing with Stephen Page and Geoffrey Faber; Bookselling with James Daunt, Larry McMurtry and Nancy Bass Wyden;  Criticism with Daniel Mendelsohn, Alex Ross and Michael Dirda; and Book-collecting with Mark Samuels Lasner and Heather O’Donnell, whose championing of young women’s book-collecting I heartily endorse, as I do every effort to promote book culture.

But enough about me.