In 2010 Nigel Beale established Literary Tourist with the intention of helping fellow book-lovers who like to travel, to find interesting literary places and events around the world. The true joy and serendipity of literary tourism can only really be conveyed through illustration. This is the story of how a simple aesthetic appreciation developed into […]

First appeared in Fine Books and Collections magazine. Literary tourism is nothing new. Socrates, who trekking out to Delphi a millennia or two ago looking for truth, could be called a literary tourist; the beardless young Greeks who went to book discussion circles to hear him denigrate the Gods could also be called literary tourists. […]

First appeared in Salt Magazine The week ahead was primed for indulging two passions: fast driving and book collecting. I made Moncton from the Saint John airport in about an hour. My sporty new Mazda3 GT purred with pleasure as it raced along smooth, traffic-free highways. I collect modern first editions, or more accurately, contemporary […]

I love Spain. Especially, I love strolling along the broad and beautiful passeos of Madrid caressed by soft, cool breezes, surrounded by startlingly magnificent architecture, fueled by a belly full of tapas and tinto de verano. I don’t however love Spanish customer service practices, or at least the startlingly counter-productive protocol they operate under. I […]

Christopher Hitchens died last December at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I re-read his Letters to a Young Contrarian on the flight down here. The next day I took the light rail train from our hotel in to town. It passed by the Center. Just seeing the place for those fleeting seconds was a very […]

I am presently moved by sundrenched Parthenopea, my thanks are for you, Ischia, to whom a fair wind has brought me rejoicing with dear friends from soiled productive cities. How well you correct our injured eyes, how gently you train us to see things and men in perspective underneath your uniform light From ‘Ischia’ by […]

The literary tourist is a multi-colored bird. One species likes to visit places that help get them closer to characters or places found in novels. Another plays the pilgrim, paying respects to admired authors – contemplating in front of gravestones, touring childhood homes and museums, walking footpaths that inspired favorite poems. Others pay little mind […]

Literary Tourists are a hard breed to define. Some like to visit places that appear in novels, others to walk along the footpaths that inspired great poems. Some go on pilgrimages to honour their favorite authors. Others seek out the book itself. They go to rare book libraries and antiquarian bookstores, thrilling to the touch […]

The Pilgrim Reader, Combermere This oasis in the wilds of Eastern Ontario contains a great selection of books, old and newer, rare and popular. Particulary strong in religion. Instead of investing their money in the stock market, the owners built this store next to their home, and are very glad they did so. Book Bazaar, […]

Last month I visited my brother in Cape Town. He put together the most amazing itinerary: the ‘big five’ in Kruger National Park, then, closer to town, lounging on the beach and watching the cold surf in Kleinmond, seafood on the sea shore in Hermanus, wine and escargot for the price back home of burgers […]