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I produce content for clients, mostly in the travel sector, and I write articles, mostly literary, that are published in a variety of different publications.


I’m a passionate literary tourist who has spent much of the past decade traveling around the world participating in life-enriching literary experiences, and telling people about them. As a result of wanting both to share stories with other book-loving travelers – to make it easier for them to enjoy the pleasures that I have – and to encourage cities to investigate, nurture and celebrate their literary heritages and contemporary literary lives, I launched a website to encourage the practice of literary tourism. I also started working with tourism marketers, helping them to discover their unique literary assets – ones that differentiate their destinations from others.

In so doing I’ve become a passionate advocate for authors, libraries, bookstores, writers festivals, literary landmarks, publishing houses, theatres – literary places, people and activities.


I love traveling the globe connecting with fellow bibliophiles, and working with literary tourism advocates to develop content that extols the joys of the ‘literary’ world. My writing, podcasts and photographs tell genuine, meaningful, emotionally resonant stories that capture memorable travel experiences in a signature fashion with feeling and in ways that inform, entertain and inspire.

I am a trusted media content creator who has worked with public and private sector customers for more than 25 years. I currently engage with tourism clients to:

  • Research and review existing literary/cultural assets.
  • Identify new literary and cultural tourism opportunities.
  • Create lively, engaging stories that communicate and promote literary experiences

I know the literary tourist. I am one. So I know my audience. The stories I create are designed to encourage like-minded travelers to visit specific locations; each post, article, podcast and photograph is produced to convey something interesting and attractive about your destination to the book-loving tourist. Together the stories deliver a sophisticated, enticing portrait of your city.

Visit  to see some of the stories I’ve told about different literary destinations and attractions.


Some clients go beyond content creation and invest in my Literary Experience Development Plans. These are based on Audits that research literary/cultural attractions and activities and present assessments of the tangible and intangible assets that exist in your region/institution. Plans contain recommendations that are used to develop or improve visitor experiences.

Here’s a brief video we made a few years ago outlining one possible approach (please note that Literary Tourist’s new website address is )

Here’s a link to a slideshow presentation of a literary tourist destination marketing program.


I write ‘literary city’ profile features, blog posts highlighting literary ‘things to do’ and ‘places to go,’ and social media posts;  I produce podcasts promoting literary destinations, and shoot lots of on-location literary photographs, all of which are placed on Literary Tourist, on The Biblio File, on your branded website, and on other platforms. I also research and produce literary asset audits and  literary ‘experience development’ reports.

For examples of reports and details on how we can work together, please email me at


Here are some ((5,000) bookstore, bookseller, literary destination photos I’ve taken over the years.

Here are some podcast interviews I have conducted that feature literary destinations:

Here are some videos I’ve shot during my travels:

You can find a lot more of my content over at

Here I am in the Media:

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Photo is of Nigel Beale in Hay-on-wye, Wales