The Biblio File is a popular podcast on books hosted by Nigel Beale. More succinctly, it ‘s a collection of some 300, forty – sixty minute interviews with accomplished authors, critics, poets, publishers, book-makers & designers – biblio people – conducted by an excitable bibliophile.

“Producing the show enables me to indulge my passion for books and to share what I learn on my travels. It allows me to interview fascinating people who variously write, produce, collect, sell, promote or study “the book.”


For about ten years I ran a monthly book club. There were only four or five of us in it, the perfect number if you ask me; enough of us to get a good selection of ideas on the table, not too many to cause separate conversations to break out. Then one of the key (okay you guys were all key!) members left to teach in the English Department at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. It was a crippling loss. The club couldn’t recover from it.

I immediately missed the stimulating literary conversation. After a while I hit on an idea. I’d host a radio program on books. Matthew Crozier agreed to let me host a show on CKCU FM 93.1, the Carleton University station in Ottawa. Only one hitch. The time slot. 6am Monday mornings.

I toughed it out for a year or so, then took the easy way out. The show would be a podcast, produced and aired whenever I felt like it.

From the moment I launched The Biblio File I knew I was doing the right thing. The void had been filled. I live for this stuff: reading the books, recruiting, researching, connecting and conversing with the guests; editing the recordings; creating programs that I hope reward the listener.

Producing this show enables me to indulge my passion for books, and to share whatever I discover. It allows me to interview amazing authors, publishers, biographers, booksellers, book collectors, fine press proprietors, book designers… and many other fascinating people connected with the book; to engage them in conversation. And you know what Montaigne had to say about conversation:

In my opinion, the most fruitful and natural play of the mind is in conversation. I find it sweeter than any other action in life; and if I were forced to choose, I think I would rather lose my sight than my hearing and voice.

If you love books, reading and good conversation, my hope is that you’ll enjoy listening to The Biblio File. The great thing about podcasts is that you don’t have to wake up at 6am on Monday mornings to listen to them. Unless of course you want to.


The Biblio File interviews are designed to appeal to anyone interested in books. Guests, famous and infamous, typically talk about works they’ve written, created, sold, studied, promoted or collected.

My goal is to entertain and inform those who love, like, obsess over, or merely have a passing interest in, books.

I’m doing, and will continue to do, my very best to deliver quality content worthy of your time and attention.


“I’ve interviewed Nobel Prize winners”

“Booker prize winners”

“Governor General’s Award winners”

“Charles Taylor Prize winners”

“And many, many other winners. In fact, anyone who has anything to do with the book is a winner – in my books”.

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