book collecting

Book collecting finds its best start in your passions. If you love something, you’re going to want to learn as much about it as you possibly can. Let’s say for example it’s beer. Everything about it fascinates you – its taste, color, texture, the process by which it’s made, the bottles it comes in, the […]

First appeared in The Guardian I stopped, the other morning, at Cunningham Books in Portland, Maine, wanting to meet the proprietor Nancy Grayson, whom someone had told me was a person “not to be missed”. I’m glad I caught her. After commenting on the calm orderliness of the shop – in which every book on […]

First appeared in Salt Magazine The week ahead was primed for indulging two passions: fast driving and book collecting. I made Moncton from the Saint John airport in about an hour. My sporty new Mazda3 GT purred with pleasure as it raced along smooth, traffic-free highways. I collect modern first editions, or more accurately, contemporary […]

From nudes and abstract oil, to Howard Hodgkin, Iris Murdoch, and the Private Presses…book collectors go for much more than just words on the page As incomprehensible as it may seem to the hard core collector, there are in fact some people who actually read the books they buy. Although many obsess over the ‘book […]

First appeared in CNQ magazine. I don’t buy cheap shoes. I buy expensive shoes. Cheap shoes aren’t good for your feet. They screw up your posture, wear out quickly, and hurt your toes. I buy expensive shoes, not due to any kind of extravagance, but rather because, on the contrary, they’re a better deal. They […]

 How Neglected Literature can Yield Unexpected Treasures First appeared in LOGOS. by Nigel Beale. ‘Collect what excites you’ is the best piece of wisdom anyone who loves books can ever impart.  I’ve been doling it out for decades;  extraordinary, though, how long it’s taken for me to actually heed my own advice, or more accurately, […]