book review

Be warned in time, James, and remain, as I do, incomprehensible: to be great is to be misunderstood. Oscar Wilde. In her poem ‘I dwell in Possibility’ Emily Dickinson compares poetry to a house; open to those with imagination, closed to those who can’t understand. When a poet fails to hold the house door open, […]

Opaque “sung therapy” is what, for the most part, played at the Alanis Morrisette concert I attended recently, save for when the hard, memorable edges of her early, affecting anthems jutted and rang out. During the long gaps between them, a weedless haze seemed to hang over me, mixed with a vague, frustrating urge to […]

One can find fault with his showy, wilfully obscure style, but the world he predicted 50 years ago is the one we live in Fifty years ago, Marshall McLuhan was musing about how media served to extend the human brain. At the time, though some had an inkling of his genius, few understood what he […]