The week ahead lay open for indulging two passions: fast driving on smooth, traffic-free highways, and book collecting. I made Moncton from the Saint John airport in about an hour. My sporty new Mazda3 GT purred with pleasure as it raced along slick, construction-free roads. I collect modern first editions, or more accurately, contemporary firsts. […]

Now that the holly is decked out, many readers of this site will no doubt be hustling to their favourite bookstores to buy the latest Guardian Picks. While some will make a point of patronizing local independents – the charming ones with the unmatched personal service – more no doubt will – with perhaps a […]

The literary tourist is a multi-colored bird. One species likes to visit places that help get them closer to characters or places found in novels. Another plays the pilgrim, paying respects to admired authors – contemplating in front of gravestones, touring childhood homes and museums, walking footpaths that inspired favorite poems. Others pay little mind […]