In 2010 Nigel Beale established Literary Tourist with the intention of helping fellow book-lovers who like to travel, to find interesting literary places and events around the world. The true joy and serendipity of literary tourism can only really be conveyed through illustration. This is the story of how a simple aesthetic appreciation developed into […]

First appeared in Ontario Travel Magazine Literary Tourists are a hard breed to define. Some like to visit places that appear in novels, others to walk along the footpaths that inspired great poems. Some go on pilgrimages to honour their favorite authors. Others seek out the book itself. They go to rare book libraries and […]

Illustration by Anthony Tremmaglia. First appeared in Guerilla Magazine “I think a poet is anybody who wouldn’t call himself a poet.” — Bob Dylan If artists were trees, most would have two roots, one wrapped around a desire to connect, the other reaching out to “comprehend the incomprehensible.” Great artists typically possess an unusually intense, […]