The week ahead lay open for indulging two passions: fast driving on smooth, traffic-free highways, and book collecting. I made Moncton from the Saint John airport in about an hour. My sporty new Mazda3 GT purred with pleasure as it raced along slick, construction-free roads. I collect modern first editions, or more accurately, contemporary firsts. […]

I love Spain. Especially, I love strolling along the broad and beautiful passeos of Madrid caressed by soft, cool breezes, surrounded by startlingly magnificent architecture, fueled by a belly full of tapas and tinto de verano. I don’t however love Spanish customer service practices, or at least the startlingly counter-productive protocol they operate under. I […]

Christopher Hitchens died last December at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I re-read his Letters to a Young Contrarian on the flight down here. The next day I took the light rail train from our hotel in to town. It passed by the Center. Just seeing the place for those fleeting seconds was a very […]

I am presently moved by sundrenched Parthenopea, my thanks are for you, Ischia, to whom a fair wind has brought me rejoicing with dear friends from soiled productive cities. How well you correct our injured eyes, how gently you train us to see things and men in perspective underneath your uniform light From ‘Ischia’ by […]